Friday, 29 July 2016

Long Walk Home Tricia Revest

I'm sorry if this is a bit late but I am emerging from a bit of a bad patch and only just getting back into the studio. My offering for Long Walk Home is entitled "Imagining Walkabout" and was inspired by the landscapes and art works of Australia which we visited last year. Driving along the west coast from Albany to Darwin it seemed that we were so far from home both physically and culturally. The landscape even in the deserts was never entirely brown and there were many different types of vegetation hanging on in nooks and crannies. We visited a number of sites where rock art showed how the local have used the land for 40,000 years. I wanted to include the idea of walking across the landscape from place to place but these are not towns or villages in European sense but resources for life, waterholes, caves and food sources. Truely a long way from our home.

I am not happy with the piece, it seems bitty and uncoordinated and I would do it differently if I were to do it again. View it as a preliminary sketch in fabric. I just felt it was important to get going again.

Monday, 25 July 2016


This was a fun piece which is unusual for me.  It was before a certain date so future work is likely to return to my usual dystopian outlook.  I am sorry it is late but the design and printing were done ages ago - it just never got quilted.

I was stuck, initially, for a suitable idea until we came home from an exhibition on the train.  The 'Evening Standard' carried an advertisement for a Fendi shoe and this was combined with an exotic dress I found.  These set me wondering what it would be like to walk this eight mile journey in such gear.  I added one of my 'Ascot hats' and the trainers on the left-hand side to the mix.  The background is meant to reflect a spiral type route from the centre to the destination.  I cannot remember now how the background was compiled except that it came from earlier design work.

The quilting is intended to reflect the longest possible route from the centre to the outside.  I do not use much green usually but I just went with the flow as it developed.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

New theme and poll result

Our coming theme is: Under the sea and is due October 1. The result of the poll is that a majority of 88% wants to continue with the present situation: using the master list. So if you have any suggestions for a theme, email them to me and I will put them on the list. Every 3 months I use a random number generator to pick a theme.
Sorry that I am late, but I was abroad and could not access the yahoo group.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

The Long Walk Home

It has given me a great deal of pleasure to take part in this challenge even though it took a while for an idea to take shape.

This quilt was inspired by a photograph of my Granddaughter taken when she was not quite two years old.  Having grown up in Leeds, my lovely daughter and her partner decided  to move to live in the countryside and found a cottage completely surrounded by farmland.. Long walks along extremely muddy paths followed and having been a city girl all her life, my daughter suddenly discovered nature! The countryside where they live is very flat and featureless, but ideal territory for a toddler learning to find her feet. Isobel is now eleven and will be going to high school in September, but to us she is still that little girl starting on a long journey.

I used my own handdyed fabrics and all the quilting and embroidery were done on my sewing machine.

Penny Leonard

Friday, 17 June 2016

Long Walk Home - Irene MacWilliam

I had so many ideas for this but none of them seemed goers when I got down to thinking about them in terms of fabric. I found I had changed the title in my mind to Long Way Home so this is a combination of the titles.

 Bird migration is one of the great wonders. I often think where is home to a bird, they do not all return to the nest area where they were born, though some species do. So where is home?

 I thought of when my children were young and how after a fun day out at the local park they had no energy and wanted to be carried. home. However as soon as they got back into the house they were full of energy where I might just have wanted to sit down with a cup of tea before cooking and the evening routine.

White cotton from the Empress Mills bargain bundles, sun printed and then free machine work. I do not particularly like this piece, it was not challenging and is very mediocre. The one thing that I do feel proud about is that when dye painting the fabric I completely forgot about allowing extra for binding so I had to be careful not to quilt into the narrow edges that were
needed to finish it. I had just a 2 x 1 inch strip left at the end.

Monday, 13 June 2016

help requests and chat

Various postings have been made re needing help.

For new members some of the requests and chat can be found in the comments under people's posts. I have tried to help by responding through the comments. It is difficult to find ones way around the technical bits of posting photos and text.

Wil who set up the group said in one of the comments that she was abroad and could not access the Poll results through her ipad or whatever it is she has, I can not remember that detail.

I also read on another group that she had had a thrombosis and had been taken to hospital.

I hope the above is helpful.

I am working to the theme, LONG WAY HOME to have it up by the end of July. I say working, well just tonight I got out  paper and pencil to see if any of my vague ideas might possibly work. I am planning to do some of the fabric painting for it tomorrow. Sometimes I find it very easy to come up with a few ideas but this to me is very difficult. I have also been working flat out on a piece for an exhibition, see my facebook page (spelling of surname is MacWilliam..... no s at the end of surname). I also am a fanatical vegetable grower so been busy there.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

whats it all about?

Hello All, I am not sure I understand this group? I noticed Millie asked for some help on the 30th May, I posted for some help on June 1st and to date seemingly no one has responded. Is this just not a very chatty group, do you simply get together once in a blue moon to set a new task/subject? I have no idea what "title" we should/may be working on at present. PLEASE someone let me know, thanking you in advance for your time. Take care Ann in sunny Brecon.